Chilling news

Energy supplier E.ON is raising electricity prices by 9% for customers from next month, with gas prices seeing a 3% increase.

The firm calculates that the hike will add 16p a day to its dual fuel customers.

As ever, it blamed the increases on ‘rising industry costs’, citing soaring wholesale energy prices.

It comes after a string of price increase by leading energy companies including npower, which said last month that household gas and electricity bills would rise by an average of 5%.

Managing director of E.ON Graham Bartlett said: ‘It's been over two years since we last increased our prices.’

He continued: ‘Unlike other companies, we held off from increasing them during the incredibly cold temperatures we saw in late November and December.

‘But we now have no option but to make this change due to increases in the prices we pay for gas and electricity.

He added: ‘Our customers won't actually see the increases until next month.’

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