Keep your business protected with Fish and Chip insurance UK

You may not have heard of this previously, but there's a thriving fish and chip shop insurance market out there, and if you're thinking of getting into the takeaway game, then we've rounded up all the essential information right here for you to chow down on!

The takeaway market doesn't really lend itself to the usual rigours of commercial insurance. You've got a lot of potentially dangerous equipment on site, aswell as the potential for liability if anything happens to customers from ingesting your food. This is where Fish and Chip shop insurance comes in.

The UK has a number of companies dealing in this niche financial service, but a good starting point for any business person is http://www.chipshopinsurance.co.uk/ . This site breaks down everything on offer, and can give you a quote online instantly. The only thing they won't be able to provide is the salt and vinegar!

It is the home of Applegate Insurance Brokers, who have been operating successfully in Fish and Chip Shop insurance since 1996, and their product is officially endorsed by the National Federation of Fish Friers. In fact, members of this professional body receive a whopping 10% discount on their premiums!

If you stay with the company for three years, and are still a member of the National Federation of Fish Friers, you will receive an additional £120 discount at each renewal. You can get a quote online, or call them at 01797 366 377. There's nothing fishy about them!

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