Direct Choice car insurance - all you need to know!

When taking out car insurance it is important to get the policy that is right for you. The following is some helpful information on Direct Choice car insurance.

Direct Choice

Direct Choice provides excellent car insurance policies at competitive prices. They tailor policies to give you the level of cover you need. They have a simple and convenient online quote system that automatically provides you with the cheapest car insurance on offer. They have insured over 2 million drivers over the last ten years. They also have an online claims process and promise to deal with your claim in an efficient manner.

Types of cover

Direct Choice Insurance provides three main types of cover. These are third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive insurance. Third party only covers liabilities to other drivers for bodily injury or damage to their property. Third party fire and theft includes third party cover and also provides coverage if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. Comprehensive cover includes both of these and also covers all damage to your car.

Optional extras

Direct Choice offer a range of extras that you can add on to your car insurance policy. Legal Expenses cover provides up to £50,000 in cover against losses as a result of a car accident that is not your fault. This includes solicitors' fees.  Breakdown cover provides 24 hour protection by the AA 7 days a week. Personal accident cover provides up to £25,000 compensation in the event of serious injury or death. It also covers for hospital stays, emergency dental treatment and recovery of personal effects. Windscreen cover provides protection against chips and cracks in your windscreen.

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