Churchill comprehensive car insurance

Churchill Insurance, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland like one of its main competitors Direct Line, has established itself as one of the United Kingdom's leading motor insurance providers since its foundation in 1989. This article focuses on an overview of Churchill's comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • Basic coverage: As with all comprehensive car insurance policies, Churchill's car insurance covers your vehicle against accidental, theft- or fire-related damage, backing up your financial expenses (of repair or replacement) to the value of your car. You are also insured when driving cars owned by a third party, and of damage to a third person's property up to the value of £20,000,000. Any electronic equipment (audio, televisual, navigational) within your car is protected up to £1,000. You are covered for visits to countries in the European Union so long as your visit is less than 90 days long and your main home remains the United Kingdom.
  • Benefits: Churchill's comprehensive car insurance includes full coverage if an uninsured driver hits your car, and covers against personal injuries to the policy holder and his or her spouse. Churchill also provides a free accident helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Recent research (May 2011) also suggests that a big proportion of customers can save money with Churchill, with 10% saving up to £314.
  • Optional extras: For a small additional annual fee, you can arrange several extensions to your coverage policy. These include Churchill Legal Assistance, which covers you for up to £100,000 of legal expenses, and a guaranteed hire car in the event that your car becomes undriveable. If you purchase your policy online on the website given below, you will receive the guaranteed hire car extension to your policy for free.

To read more about the Churchill comprehensive car insurance policy, visit their website at churchill.com/motor/car_information.html.

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