Ciao to Caviar Can Mean High Costs to Home Insurance

With the economic crisis still lingering around us, many are opting to stay at home more often. Restaurants must be getting hit hard in these times as consumers choose to dine-in instead of eat out at restaurants. As one of the first luxuries to be cut, consumers are saying 'ciao' to caviar and the finer things in life, and are couching-down to watch their new TV favourites- culinary cooking programmes! So how does this affect home insurance I hear you ask?

Out of those surveyed recently by AA Insurance, 46.2% of homeowners preferred staying at home in these tough economical times. This has seen a rise in household accidents costing £1.5bn yearly. According to the survey, nine in ten homeowners had household accidents. 37.7% of participants acknowledged trying to fix the accident themselves, the others replacing the damaged item. A small 5% said they tried claiming accidental damage on their home contents insurance, as less than half have an extension in their policy to allow them to claim on such things.

It wouldn't hurt to take a look first at your home insurance contents policy to find out if you too are covered for such accidental damage. Before you decide to master that roasted quail served with Sicilian blood orange and star anise emulsion, in case it goes up in flames while you rush to the TV to see the next step of how to achieve the perfect 'crack' of the glaze on top your crème brulées!

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