CIBC online banking: overview and benefits


CIBC Bank, which stands for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, is an international bank based out of Canada that currently has over 11 million customers as of 2011. The company makes its headquarters in Toronto. Online banking at CIBC bank has become the most used method of banking among CIBC clients. So let's learn more about CIBC online banking.

Online Banking: General Information

Through CIBC online banking, you can do the pretty the same things you can do with traditional banking methods. Because of the speed and convenience of online banking, it is now by far and away the most popular way for CIBC clients to perform business and personal finance transactions.

Benefits of CIBC Online Banking


Whether you have a personal, investment or business online account with CIBC, most transactions can be done in just minutes. All you need is an internet connection. Consider the amount of time you save by not having to make a trip to the bank. You can pay bills, transfer money, make investments and do other transactions all online.


With identity theft seemingly everywhere these days, you would thinking CIBC online banking would not be extremely safe. However, know that any transactions not made by you will be refunded by CIBC. Also rest assured that your online username, password and identity questions will keep you secured.

Bank On Your Time

You no longer have to rush to the bank before it closes. Why? CIBC online banking never closes shop.

Quality Customer Reviews

Rest assured. The high majority of customers have given positive reviews.

Interest Rates (as of 2011)

Savings Accounts: No interest rate for a balance under $5,000 and a 1.2% interest rate for a balance over $5,000.

Bonus Savings Accounts: 0.1% for balances under $3,000 and 0.4% for balances over.

Other Accounts: Range from 0.05% to 0.5% depending upon the account balance.

Compare with Others

Before signing up with any bank, it is always best to compare a few banks. Try comparing CIBC with the Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC Canada or the Bank of Montreal.

Try a Free Demo

If you are unsure about banking online with CIBC, try a free demo at their website.



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