Information on how to claim tax back

It often happens that employees pay more than they actually owe on their taxes. As your employer is responsible for ensuring tax is taken from your pay then is can happen that they use the wrong tax code. If this happens and you have paid more than your fair share then you are entitled to claim this tax back.

How to Claim your Tax Back

The quickest way to claim tax back is by calling the HM Revenue and Customs(HMRC) office. The contact number for the HMRC is 0845 300 0627. There is also an option to text the HMRC on your mobile. Just text your inquiry to 0845 302 1408. They are open from 8am to 8pm each weekeday and work from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. If you prefer to contaxct the HMRC by mail then post your claim to HM Revenue and Customs, Pay As You Earn, PO Box 1970, Liverpool, L75 1WX.

There is some important information to gather before you contact HMRC. First and foremost, your personal details such as name and address and you must include your National Insurance number. You also need to make sure you have all the details of your employment at the time you feel you overpaid on your taxes. The HMRC will get back to you and possibly request some additional documentation from you in order to back up your claim. These documents typically include a P45, P60 or other work related documents.

Once the HMRC have processed your claim, they will get back to you either telling you that you are not entitled to a tax refund for the previous year or else they will issue you a refund. Refunds are generally paid by cheque and will be included in the correspondance letter you receive from them.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

If you at any time feel that you may have overpaid on your taxes then do not hesitate to contact HMRC. if doesn't cost anything to make a claim bar the price of a stamp or a phone call. If you are correct, then you can claim your tax back relatively hassle free and within a reasonable time frame.

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