Keep your bike safe with classic bike insurance Ireland

If you've got a vintage bike, or you're just considering picking one up, then you're going to need to take out a classic bike insurance Ireland policy. Not every insurance provider offers these policies, so we'll be pointing you in the direction of one who does.

Carole Nash Insurance is an expert in providing insurance for classic cars, vintage cars and classic bikes. You can check out the full range of their products online at ireland.carolenash.com/bike-insurance/classic-bike. The company started life as a niche classic bike insurance provider, so they have plenty of experience in the field.

Carole Nash promises to offer the cheapest rate on classic bike insurance in Ireland, and their policies also offer a hard to beat level of protection. You'll get full Irish and European Breakdown cover, up to €100,000 motor legal protection to help you recover your uninsured losses, a free agreed value, Foreign Use cover, Low excess, and also, importantly if you're going to regularly use the bike, unlimited mileage.

You can get a quote from Carole Nash in one of two ways: you can call their dedicated quote hotline on 1800 818 751, or else you can visit their site and fill out their short quote application form and they'll get back to you within minutes.

As we previously mentioned, they also provide Classic Car Insurance, and even regular motorbike cover, so no matter what type of insurance you seek, Carole Nash will be able to provide. Check them out today!

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