Having trouble finding classic car insurance for 17 year olds?

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There are a couple of reasons why it's more difficult to find a great offer on classic car insurance for 17 year olds than it is on other types of car insurance.

One is the age of the driver. Insurance companies view young drivers as the riskiest group of drivers to insure and this will push up the price of a premium.

The other main reason is classic cars cost a lot more to repair, and the insurance company will bump up the cost of car insurance to cover itself against the additional risk.

That said, it's still possible to secure a bargain on classic car insurance for 17 year olds. One of the best tools you have available for doing this is insurance comparison websites.

Leading insurance comparison websites, such as Compare the Market and Money Supermarket, will search over 70 per cent of insurance companies in the UK and Ireland for you. Within minutes, you'll have a list of the best policies and prices on the market to choose from.

Classic car insurance is different to normal car insurance in a couple of ways. It's common for classic cars to spend long periods of time laid up in a garage, and it's important that your car is covered during this time. If your car is damaged or stolen while it's in a garage, you want the insurance company to foot the bill, not you.

And it's vital that you agree a value for the car with the insurance company before taking out a policy. If you don't, you could take a big hit if anything happens your car.

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