Get a great deal on classic car insurance in Ireland

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Classic cars are worth a lot of money and they're well worth insuring properly in case anything happens to them. Even if you don't drive your classic car and it's laid up in a garage, it's still worth taking insurance out for it. Any good classic car insurance in Ireland will provide cover for your vehicle while it's in a garage.

The most important thing to do when you're looking for classic car insurance is to shop around. You give yourself the best chance of finding the top deal on the market when you take a little time and check out what the competition are offering.

And you don't even need to ring every insurance company separately to do this. Insurance comparison websites will search the majority of insurers for you in a couple of minutes and bring you the best deals on classic car insurance.

Leading comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket and Compare the Market, will trawl through the insurance policies of over 70 per cent of insurance companies in the UK and Ireland to give you the most comprehensive list of top offers.

Classic cars are unusual vehicles in that their value appreciates over time rather than depreciates, if they're looked after properly. This is why it's important to agree a value for the car with the insurance company before you take out a policy.

Most insurance companies who provide classic car insurance in Ireland will be happy to do this, and if they're not, they might be worth avoiding.

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