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Trying to snag the best deal possible on insurance for your classic car? Buying a classic is one of the best investments a person can make, but keeping it safe is absolutely vital, and this is achieved through a dedicated classic car insurance policy. These policies are best found by using a classic car insurance UK compare comparing company, so let's take a look.

Classic car insurance can be incredibly specialised, so not all insurance comparison sites offer to compare it. One site that does though is Go Compare, and you can find them online at gocompare.com. Simply click on their car insurance tab, then the Classic Car Insurance option that pops up. Go Compare offer to find you a quote on your classic insurance by comparing all of the vintage insurance providers out there in an effort to snag the best deal possible.

They believe they can save the average consumer up to £722 on their Classic Car Insurance policy, which is an absolutely massive saving. They compare an unbelievable amount of quotes to reach this saving, with quote pulled from a whopping 120 different insurance providers. Some of the insurers they deal with include Admiral, Swinton, Tesco and Kwik Fit, so they are dealing with the biggest names on the market.

It's worth noting though, that if you take out a Classic Car Insurance policy with them, it won't be covered for things like showcases at motor shows and hiring out for weddings. These are extras that you can have added to your policy, but aren't covered as standard.

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