Classic Car Insurance for Under 25

Classic car insurance for under 25 year olds is still considered car insurance for young or new drivers. Unfortunately, as a young driver, you'll be paying a higher rate than older drivers. This doesn't mean you won't be able to find a great deal, though; it's essential to shop around and look for the best providers before settling on one offer.

The "classic" car insurance product are for cars that are a little older than your average model. The general criteria for a "classic" car is really dependent upon the company, but normally its models built before 1990.

The great thing about classic car insurance is that classic cars are actually cheaper to insure. The bad news for classic car insurance for anyone under 25 is that you'll still pay a statistically higher rate than other drivers; this is only because you haven't built up a no claims bonus, or because you're more likely to have a crash as a new driver according to government and marketing statistics.

An insurer won't be willing to give you a knock-off price if they're not sure whether you'll claim or not - paying out for a claim is the last thing they want to do, despite how great a company sounds. As a new driver, young driver you have no history of faultless driving behind you for support - the company is taking a risk, so they increase the price to cover themselves in the event you do crash (which, unfortunately according to statistics, is likely to happen).

However, the best deal for classic car insurance for people under 25 can be found with specialist companies, or companies that offer discounts. For example, the insurer Endsleigh offers comprehensive cover for young drivers as well as a 20% online discount, as well as specialising in insurance for student drivers. Direct Line also offer an inticing 15% online discount, even though they don't specialise in young drivers, which could be an easy way to build a no claims history for a few years. Use price comparison sites to find companies like this and you're bound to find a great deal.

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