Getting the best quote on your classic cars insurance

Looking to take out a brilliant value classic car insurance policy without having to spend a fortune? Classic Car owners are generally some of the safest drivers on the road, as they see their cars as their hobby, so they will take brilliant care of them. This should be reflected in your policy, and one insurance company promises to do this, and that company is Lancaster Classic Cars Insurance.

Classic Cars cost enough without you also having to pay through the nose for insurance, and you can check out the array of bargains currently on offer on the Lancaster site at http://www.lancasterinsurance.co.uk. Simply click on their classic cars tab and you are good to go.

Lancaster have been offering Classic Car Insurance for over 20 years, and they offer individually tailored policies for each and every car owner, all you have to do is fill out their classic car insurance quote application form and they will get back to you within minutes with a low price quote. They act as an insurance broker to scour the market and find you the best possible deal.

The benefits of their policies include: Agreed valuation for up to three years, accidental damage cover, Limited Mileage Discounts, Windscreen Cover, Classic Car Club membership discounts, Optional Legal Protection, optional breakdown recovery, free European cover for up to 90 days, Personal Effects cover, and the use of a courtesy car should your car need to be repaired.

Lancaster offer the best value in Classic Car Insurance, and we can't recommend checking them out enough!

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