What company offers the best deal on classic cars insurance Ireland?

Are you the proud owner of a classic or vintage car and you are living in Ireland? Unlike the UK, the Irish market for classic cars insurance in Ireland isn't exactly overflowing at the brim, but it's still possible to snare yourself a bargain thanks to some brilliant deals on the market at the moment.

Insuring a classic can be a costly business thanks to the value that they hold and the increased risk of theft. However, Axa Insurance are doing some brilliant work in the Classic Car Insurance market, and you can check out their offers at axa.ie/car-insurance/classic-car-insurance.aspx.

Axa have been operating in Ireland since 1906, and they are the market leaders in the country for classic car insurance. Their Classic policy offers pretty much exactly the range of cover you would expect from their normal car insurance product. You can choose your level of cover from Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, Third Party, and even Laid Up Cover, for the times when you won't be driving the car.

Their policies come rich in benefits including 24 hour driveway or roadside assistance, they offer pre-agreed value at no extra cost. There's a generous No Claims Discount too, which can stretch to around 70% after a number of years. They offer discounts for two or more vehicles, cover and mileage can be tailor made for each vehicle, and Windscreen Cover is included in Comprehensive policies.

They are well worth a look if you have a classic car to insure!

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