What is classic car insurance?

Most car insurance providers design specific policies for classic cars or antique cars. The product they provide is simply named "classic car insurance", which isn't an indication of basic, simple cover but rather the type of cars this policy covers. By having an older model car you're likely to need a completely different level of cover, maybe with a few extras. Statistically, classic car insurance is cheaper than the average car insurance deal, but this still depends entirely on the provider you take out the insurance with.


How is a Classic Car Defined?

Classic cars are defined as cars more than 10 years old and worth more than £15,000. That's really all there is too it, but you should check with your provider to make sure you're eligible for this kind of insurance. By insuring with a classic car insurance specialist policy you're cutting out all the hassle that could come with claiming against an older model car.


Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

By taking out classic car insurance you can benefit from:

  • Cost-effective insurance, especially if you don't drive the car regularly because it's an antique or prized.
  • Discounts from well-established car insurance providers.
  • Additional services especially for classic cars, such as windscreen replacement (if you have a classic of antique car the right spare parts might not be available on a normal policy).
  • Specialist insurance which guarantees to pay out if you require it (as all aspect of the car, including its age, will already be noted in the policy and catered for by the company).


Classic Car Insurance Providers

The best value providers for classic car insurance are:

  • Directline
  • Liverpool Victoria (LV)
  • Swiftcover
  • Tescos Bank
  • Saga
  • Churchill
  • Kwikfit
  • RSA eChoice

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