Where to find dedicated classic wedding car insurance

If you're thinking of splashing out on a Classic Car for your Big Day, then you'll know how important it is to keep the vehicle protected. A standard car insurance policy just won't cut the mustard, so it's important you keep yourself protected with a dedicated classic wedding car insurance policy.

Lots of companies claim to specialise in insuring Classic Cars, but none are as well regarded in the industry as Footman James Classic Car Insurance, who you can find online at footmanjames.co.uk. Footman have been offering Classic Car Insurance policies for over 25 years, so let's see what they offer.

Footman James specialise in insuring classic and vintage cars, and have built up close ties with most of the UK's car enthusiast clubs over the years. They even offer a special discounted rate if you are a member of a car enthusiast club.

Their policies are all fully comprehensive and come with a range of brilliant perks. These include European and UK Breakdown Cover, cover in EU countries for up to 35 days per trip, Agreed Value on most policies, Motor Legal Expenses, Personal Injury cover due to Road Rage and Carjackings, and even Emergency European Travel Cover.

They don't just insure classic cars either, they also cover classic and modern bikes, kit and replica cars, and they even offer household insurance.

There are various optional extras available on each policy including multi-vehicle cover, limited mileage options and even laid up insurance. Check them out for a quote online for your Classic Car.

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