We take a look at Close Premium Finance and their car insurance services

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Close Premium Finance doesn't offer car insurance to the UK market but they do offer financial services to your insurance company. They are the pioneering providers of premium finance products to over 3,000 insurance companies and brokers in the UK.

When you purchase your policy from an insurance company or broker, you might choose to pay your premium monthly rather than in one lump sum. This is where Close Premium Finance comes into the picture. They actually pay your insurance company in full and you are paying the finance company back. This is good for you as you are getting credit to pay your policy and you have more payment options such as direct debit. Keep in mind, that there will be a fee for using the service and late payments may incur high interest rates.

If you want to purchase a policy with Close Premium Finance paying your car insurance for you, we suggest you check out Corinthian insurance brokers. They offer fantastic levels of cover to customers all over the UK. You simply need to get a quote off them and choose to pay monthly. You will then automatically get your car credit from Close Premium Finance. You can get a quote from Corinthian at quotezone.co.uk/corinthian.htm.

Express Insurance is another reputable company that offers monthly payments through Close Premium Credit. They compare 24 motor insurance providers to find you the best deal. You can then easily compare the prices and benefits of each policy. Get an instant quote from their website now. Visit them at expressinsurance.co.uk.

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