College and University Scholarships and Grants

Your university or college may offer scholarships or support grants to some students. It's always worth asking their student support service about potential grants from your institution and applying for them, even if you're not sure whether you'll receive anything. Normally, the income you receive from your institution will be based on financial need, the income details you provide or any other criteria.


Bursaries and Scholarships

Most college institutions offer scholarships or bursary grants to students who are receiving a full maintenance loan/grant from Student Finance. Grants of this kind are normally small, around £1000 per year, and can be used for anything you want. You may have to apply directly to your institution for this but, if you receive full support from Student Finance, you shouldn't have a problem getting the money. If you have not applied for student support from Student Finance based on household income you may be expected to provide this to your institution.


Subject Specific Funding

A lot of colleges offer special funding for certain subjects, especially if the subject requires a lot of expenses. Check with your subject department about any grants available in this area, but this form of grant isn't standard amongst most universities.


Excellence Awards

College scholarships and grants are available in the form of excellence awards. If you came top of your class last year you may be entitled to a substantial amount of funding from your institution, but be aware that you'll be competing against a lot of other students for this. The bar for this kind of grant is set higher depending on the institution you attend (i.e., Cambridge University will expect higher results to achieve this award than Bolton University).


Alumni Scholarships

If you studied with your current institution last year, or one of their partner institutions, you may be entitled to a grant or scholarship. This is basically just a way of saying "thanks" for picking their institution again, or a way of enticing former students to return, but if you're entitled to anything like this you should definitely apply.

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