Eligibility Criteria For College Student Grants

Are you looking for a grant that will help you or someone you know get through college education? College student grants have been available for a number of years to help those in need, as long as applicants meet certain criteria.

There are several different grants advertised that can help fund someone who is determined to enter post-16 education but does not have the necessary finance to support themselves through the whole process. Education grants normally target families or individuals that have a low level of income. People on benefits who want to get a college education are considered high priority applicants.

To have the best chance of being awarded a college grant, it is important that a subject that is likely to lead the student to employment is chosen. Grants have a vast range of criteria that makes people eligible for funding. Lone parents, those on a low income, even asylum seekers and refugees can qualify for financial help, as long as they have the motivation and determination to improve their job prospects through completing a college education. As the eligibility criteria is vast, there is a high number of applicants for this grant each year. There is also only a limited amount of funding available, so awards are based on priority. Those who have a low income and receive benefits are the ones most likely to receive this award.

Typically, the amount of grant that is awarded for opting to get a college education is between £200 and £300, even though there are no officially set limits.

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