Guide to Combi Boiler Insurance Cover

Combi boilers aren't something we normally think about to insure, but it quickly becomes important when your boiler breaks down and you have to pay the cost of expensive boiler repairs. You may or may not need combi boiler insurance depending on the type of heating provider your with or the status of your property.

Rented Accommodation

If you rent the property or are a tenant then your landlord is responsible for obtaining combi boiler insurance. Your landlord is also responsible for repairing any boiler issues, whether or not they already have insurance. Annual service checks are also your landlord's responsibility, if they wish to include any annual checks.

Home Insurance

If you've got some kind of home insurance, which covers the cost of damage in any way, then you should check with your provider whether it includes combi boiler insurance. Some providers don't include this but others have a broader policy and include repairs on most areas of the home. You can also ask your provider to add boiler insurance if you have a home insurance plan, which could be cheaper for you than taking out additional insurance.

Energy Companies

Whoever provides your energy might already cover your boiler. This is unlikely in most cases but it's certainly worth asking; if they don't already offer combi boiler insurance to you, think about taking out a plan with your current energy provider. They may offer discounted rates to current customers depending on the type of policy you want.

Other Providers

Don't overlook taking out combi boiler insurance cover with reputable gas companies, such as EDF, British Gas or Southern Electric. Their policies are normally good value for money depending on the cover you need and you'll often get an annual service include in the cover. Moreover, reputable companies will always send Gas Safety registered engineers to repair any boiler issues; if you hire a sole trader or unknown company in the hopes of a cheap repair job you're not guaranteed to get the utmost professional service which is absolutely essential when it comes to central heating and gas appliances.

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