Where to get advice on a commercial bank loan

Considering a commercial bank loan is stressful, especially if you have never applied for one before. Being accepted or rejected can affect your business, your personal finance and your family's finance. For this reason and many others, you should carefully consider avenues where you can be given advice about obtaining a commercial bank loan and you should read as much information as you can before beginning the procedure.

Financial Advisers

Financial advisers and business advisers are incredibly useful contacts as they are in the best position to consider all of the aspects concerning your venture and advise on those. They are also very good for giving a range of options whereas getting information from books or bank literature cannot help as well with this. If you do not already have a financial advisor, ask for an introductory session for free to see if you like the adviser and can communicate well to get the best plans together for your business or other commercial venture. A list of qualified financial advisers is available on the Financial Services Authority website (Fsa.gov.uk).

Online Forums

If you are looking for background information and some friendly free help, then look no further than business and finance forums. Thousands of websites in hundreds of countries offer forum facilities on their websites and this enables you to contact fellow commercial bank loan applicants and recipients. You can get suggestions about which loans might be worth considering in your circumstances and about which companies or banks to go for, or to avoid!

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