Commercial Contents Insurance Cover

Most normal contents insurance policies don't provide the same level of cover required for a commercial property, so you need to seek specialist commercial contents insurance. If you opt for a normal insurance policy you may find yourself let down when your claim is invalidated because you didn't take out the right kind of insurance - even if you thought you double checked the policy and had everything in place.


What type of buildings must be cover by commercial contents insurance?

Buildings used for any other purpose than a residential dwelling must have specialist cover. This includes:

  • Properties rented out by a landlord.
  • Properties used for all kinds of business use (excluding self-employed businesses if the home is also used as a residential dwelling).
  • Buildings used as office space.

Illegal activities will not be covered in any circumstances.


Why can't I take out normal insurance?

The main reason you can't take out normal contents insurance is because what you use as a business will be significantly different to a normal homeowner and, for landlords, you'll find that a tenant will have insurance for their own contents and you made need some for your own. You may also need to secure your contents against the event of tenants causing damage/theft.


What is covered under commercial content insurance?

Policies normally cover things such as:

  • Fire, flood, storm or other disaster damage for equipment and buildings.
  • Failure or damage due to tanks and water pipes bursting.
  • Stock, business fixtures and all other items used by your company.
  • The rebuild cost of the property in case damage requires the property to be restored.

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