Recover your money with a commercial debt collection agency

A commercial debt collection agency does not have to be seen as a last resort and instead can be viewed as an effective tool in making sure your cash flow remains healthy. Here we introduce some of the best agencies with reputations for recovering your debts no matter what.

An agency with a very good reputation is Premium Collections Limited. With a team of dedicated professionals with over 60 years combined experience to help you they have in the past handled every type of debt issue imaginable. Formed in 2002, the agency has constantly evolved in order to keep up with changing legislation, financial crises and elusive debtors.

Premium Collections Limited operate a No Collection, No Fee policy and offer competitive commission rates for their services. Visit their website at www.premiumcollections.co.uk/ for more information on the specific services they offer. You can also call them free from any landline at 0800 389 3842 or free from any mobile at 0333 121 3842.

Another well respected commercial debt collection agency operating in the UK is Credit Collections Uk Ltd. As an established debt collection agency that was formed in 1985, they over 25 years experience in debt collection and debt recovery services. They charge 9% commission for UK debt collection on any money recovered.

There is a minimum charge of £15 for each debt service rendered. Preferential rates are negotiable for multiple debts so a nice discount can be negotiated for a business with many debts. Check out their website at www.creditcollections.co.uk/ for more details.

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