Compare car insurance cover in Ireland

Rising fuel costs, rising premiums and rising taxes are just some of what seems to be an endless list of costs that drivers have to pay.

Fuel costs alone have risen by over €600 for an average family car in the last twelve months.

More insult to injury is that careful drivers who have not had accidents or made claims on their policy are being forced to endure rising premiums to ensure insurance companies can maintain profits.

So what is the answer? Compare the car insurance in Ireland by shopping around for quotes and then asking companies to beat the best offer.

BestQuote.ie offer a quick quote facility on their website and boast some of the best prices around. Fully comprehensive car insurance from as little as €240 is an excellent offer. This is obviously based on the age, driving experience and car covered but we think its the best place to start when shopping around.

FBD insurance offer excellent value and very competitive packages from its website FBD.ie, offering 3rd party, fire and theft coverage for a male driver aged 30 on a 1.9 litre car for as little as €483. We feel that FBD insurance should be part of any consumers price comparisons.

123.ie is another one of these sites that offers quick quotes but they also offer excellent accompanying services in addition to insurance coverage. Complementary windscreen coverage and break downs assistance is also included.

Once you have received at least three quotes we recommend speaking to the 2nd most expensive provider and ask them to match the best providers price. If they agree then we recommend going to the provider with the best quote and ask them to improve again.

By using this method to compare car insurance in Ireland you can get the best deal for you.

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