Wondering where to compare contents insurance?

There is hundreds of content insurance companies these days, all declaring they have the lowest prices or the best free gift, but to compare all the contents insurance deals out there, can be time consuming and stressful. Below is some of the best deals available online, through individual companies and comparison sites, along with some advice for when you compare contents insurance online.

Firstly, it is a good idea to fully understand contents insurance before you try to compare quotes. Contents insurance pays for the damage and/ or loss of personal possessions while in the home, some policies also cover for personal possessions taken outside the home (this must be agreed during the policy agreement, where individual items must be specified i.e laptops or cameras). Generally contents insurance is sold alongside the home insurance, but it can also be sold as a stand alone policy, and in instances such as renting a home.

Before you begin to compare contents insurance, be prepared. There will be a number of questions to answer to determine the amount of cover you need, these include questions such as how long you have lived in the house, the number of rooms, the amount and type of locks on your doors and windows etc. So start a checklist of all of these things before you begin your search.

For a standard 3 bed semi detached house in Leeds for example, the best quote when you compare contents insurance, is from Smart People Budget. For a content cover of £40,000 with an excess of £300 the quote comes in at the cheapest of just under £95, this works out at a weekly cost of £9. Included in this policy is the 'Old for New' cover, meaning for items damaged beyond repair or stolen, the insurer will replace the item with a brand new one. It also covers Locks and Emergency cover, meaning that locks will be fitted or replaced for free and tradesmen can be made available in the case of an emergency with some instances having the part of the costs covered.

Or try Buy Eco, another great deal to be found when you compare contents insurance. As well as including all the cover as above, it also includes Personal Accident Cover for free for the first six months - this gives you a lump some in the event of an accident, leaving you unable to work (up to £100,000 if left disabled) to cover bills etc, or covers you if you require overnight stays in a hospital (£50 per night).

Take a look online at ibuyeco.co.uk or moneysupermarket.com to begin your search & compare contents insurance today.

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