We take a look at what Compare the Market home insurance can offer

Are you looking to pick up a little extra protection for your house and contents? With burglaries on the rise in the UK, more and more people are taking out dedicated Home Insurance policies, and perhaps the cheapest site offering these policies right now is Compare the Market. In this blog, we check out what you can get with compare market home insurance (the).

Compare the Market are perhaps the largest insurance comparison site on the internet, comparing quotes on a plethora or different financial products including Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Loans, Mortgages and Car Insurance. They have a fantastic Home Insurance section which you can check out at http://www.comparethemarket.com/home-insurance/.

The beauty of Compare the Market is the ease in which it is possible to get a quote on your Home Insurance. All you have to do is fill in their short quote application form, and you will have a quote delivered to you within minutes. Compare the Market claim that over 99% of consumers could save a bundle on their buildings and contents insurance, with most averaging a saving of £225.

They offer the full range of Home Insurance including Landlords Insurance, Contents Insurance and even Buildings Insurance, so no matter what level of cover you are seeking, they will be able to get you a quote on it. They use reputable insurers like More Than and the Post Office, so you will be getting a great level of cover. Check them out online today and start saving on your Home Insurance!

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