We take a look at what Compare the Market car insurance UK offer

If you have exhausted all the avenues available to you for a cheap deal on Car Insurance, then don't fret, as there is still a huge option out there for you and it is the world of insurance comparison sites. More and more people are having their eyes opened to the bargains to be found on these sites, so what are you waiting for?

Perhaps the biggest and best of these sites is Compare the Market at http://www.comparethemarket.com/car-insurance/ and in this blog we are going to check out what Compare the Market car insurance can do for you with their comprehensive quote search engine.

Compare the Market work by gathering quotes from 400 different Car Insurance deals from the market's top providers in an effort to find you the cheapest quote possible. So you don't actually take out your policy with them, instead they act as a broker, finding you the best deal and taking a small cut for their work.

Compare the Market are, in our opinion, the best at this type of work on the internet, and this is down to the fact that they pull their quotes from so many different sources. You can even tailor the searches to include extras like breakdown cover, no claims discount protection and motor legal protection.

They even have a section on the site where you can click on your make of car and see the type of quotes you can expect, which makes the process even quicker. Check the site out today and save!

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