Using Compare the Market for a loan

Are you scouring the market to find a great rate on a personal loan? Why not make scouring something you don't have to bother with by checking out a site that rounds up all of the available loans out there, and compares them all in one easy click? The biggest of these loan comparison sites is Compare the Market, so in this blog we are going to check out what Compare the Market loans can do for you.

Loan comparison sites are a relatively new phenomenon online, and they have revolutionised the loan market, bringing great value loans to people with very little work. We suggest pointing your browser towards Compare The Market and their loan page to see what is currently available to you at http://www.comparethemarket.com/loans/.

Compare the Market act as a broker in their search for the best rate on a personal loan. They pull in quotes from pretty much all of the different loan companies operating in the UK, so you get an idea of exactly what the lay of the land is in the market in one click. Their site has specialised sections for both secured and unsecured personal loans. Their extensive loan search engine allows you to compare loans under a host of extremely narrow specific search terms, so if you need a loan that allows you to pay off the principle early, for example, then this is no problem, and quite easy to arrange!

To give an example of the bargains you can dig up almost instantly, their best rate for a personal loan right now is a 6.3% loan on offer from Alliance and Leicester, which represents a bargain on a great loan rate, and it is well worth checking out!

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