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Going abroad without travel insurance is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute on. When you're in a different country, you're out of your comfort zone and accidents are more likely to happen. It costs up to £45,000 for an air ambulance from the United States back to the UK, and when you consider Compare the Market can find you travel insurance packages for less than £6, it really is madness to leave the country without it.

Compare the Market will search through offers from 17 leading travel insurance providers in the UK to find the very best deals on the market. You can take out a single trip policy, if you're only going away once during the year, or a multi trip policy, if you're frequently visiting different countries.

There are a number of important risks that you will want to make sure are included under your Compare the Market travel insurance policy. The most important thing for any travel insurance policy is to provide adequate medical cover for injury or serious illness.

Medical expenses can be astronomical abroad, and if you can't cover them, you run the risk of not receiving any medical attention; regardless of what position you're in.

Most good travel insurance policies will also include public liability insurance, in case you're sued by a member of the public abroad for causing injury or damage to their property.

And any Compare the Market travel insurance policy that you take out should include cover for trip cancellations and lost documents.

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