We check out Compare the Meerkat travel insurance

If you're looking to secure some comprehensive but cheap travel insurance, then have you checked out the offers available from Compare the Meerkat travel insurance? This website is simply your best option for picking up the best value travel insurance possible.

More and more consumers are cottoning on to the fact that the best deals on every kind of travel insurance is found on Insurance comparison sites. Our personal favourite is Compare the Market, and you can find their comprehensive travel insurance section at comparethemarket.com/travel-insurance - so what are they offering?

Compare the Market trawl 17 different high profile travel insurance providers in an attempt to get you a good deal. All of these providers are the leaders in the market, meaning the level of cover you enjoy will be the highest possible. They provide quotes for single trips, including summer holidays, winter sports trips and even multi trip cover. They also specialise in year long policies for backpackers and frequent travellers, so no matter what type of cover you seek, they'll be able to provide.

They provide quotes for Travel Insurance from as little as £5.46 per week. All you have to do is fill in a few simple details into their quote calculator and you'll get a quote back within minutes. They also provide quotes for every other facet of your travel experience including Airport Parking, Car Hire quotes, flights, package holiday deals and even hotels for when you get there. It's simply a one stop shop for everything you'll need for holidays!

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