Guide to comprehensive sickness insurance when moving to the United Kingdom

If you have decided that the United Kingdom might hold more job prospects for you than your home country, or you simply fancy a change of scenery, then emigrating there is a relatively straightforward process for all European Union citizens.

The main groups of people who are eligible to live within the United Kingdom are UK nationals, a qualified person defined as an EU citizen who is currently a worker, self employed worker, self sufficient person, retired person, self employed but inactive person, student, or a family member of any of the mentioned types and a person with the rights to permanent residence within the United Kingdom.

We're sure you'll agree, it's quite an exhaustive list, essentially covering anyone at all who holds EU citizenship. If you fulfil any of the above criteria and have decided that you are going to make the move then there are certain additional requirements you must be made aware of.

To be classed as a worker you need to prove you are capable of undertaking genuine and effective work and/or have the ability to work under the direction of someone else in return for remuneration.

If you are temporarily unable to work due to illness, or have been out of work for less than six months, you are still eligible, although you will need to show that you have a genuine chance of being employed in the United Kingdom - this usually comes down to proving you have experience and knowledge of working within your chosen field.

One thing that many people do fail to gain entry because of, however, is the requirement for comprehensive sickness insurance valid in the United Kingdom. Whether this is a private policy, a national governmental run scheme, a multi-country EU scheme or coverage on the NHS in the UK itself is not important, the fact is that you qualify for, and hold, said sickness cover to prevent you from becoming a burden on the British taxpayer.

Once you meet these requirements, the process of your immigration should be straightforward!

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