Condenser boilers: more than hot air?

The Government talked them up and there are currently 8 million of them in homes across Britain, but are condenser boilers just a bit pap after all?

Heralded as the modern, green way to heat your home, from 2005 it has been illegal install anything else but a condenser boiler, but this wondrous new variety has been coming undone during the recent cold snap, with British Gas understood to have had 60,000 call-outs in Yorkshire alone.

Condenser boilers claw back lost heat, feeding condensed water back into the system. This can reduce CO2 emissions - and your bills - and increase overall efficiency.

Sounds good. But in cold weather, this pipe that feeds the waste water back into the machine is freezing solid, often shutting down the system and causing permanent damage.

Despite its efficiency cutting heating bills, this saving you’re unlikely to feel until at least 10 years down the line as a decent condenser boiler costs around £2000. And many of these boilers will not even last that long.

So if you have an old boiler working properly that is serviced regularly, you may as well keep it until its dying breath. It’s much cheaper to repair, is less likely to break down and, importantly, it won’t choke on you when you need it most.

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