We've got the scoop on Call Connection Ltd car insurance

Despite sounding like they might be better suited as a telecommunications company, Call Connection Ltd car insurance are quickly proving themselves to be one of the top insurance brokers in the United Kingdom.

Based in Ipswich's Cromwell Square area, Call Connection was founded in 2004 and currently employs more than 200 staff. They are something of a unique proposition in the insurance industry, as they offer a call aggregation transfer service to their customers which is entirely routed through their UK based call centre.

With well in excess of 50,000 calls per week fielded by the experienced team of experts, Call Connection are perfectly placed to put you in touch with just the right insurance company for your needs.

They have access to over 130 established insurance brands including More Than, Aviva, Admiral, Adrian Flux Insurance, Endsliegh, Auto Net, AA, Saga and Swinton, and make it their job to find the absolute best policy for your car insurance needs.

They specialise in car, motorbike and van insurance, and offer a wide range of solutions for drivers of all experience levels and age groups.

Getting a quote couldn't be more straight forward either, you can simply pick up a phone and give them a quick call on their freephone number (0800 561 1792) where your sales representative will ask you a number of short questions to establish exactly what it is you're looking for, before selecting the best insurance company for you and transferring your call directly to them.

If you'd prefer to get your quote online, you can log on to their sister site www.tiger.co.uk and apply digitally.

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