Information on construction grants

There are a variety of construction grants available, including renovation grants, tenant grants and disabled facilities grants. Depending on what type of grant you need, they can be applied for by organisations, businesses, landlords and individuals.

Construction grants designed to help with the cost of installing disabled facilities in personal dwellings are available from local authorities and councils. These grants can be applied for by persons who live in houses, flats, houseboats and certain qualifying park homes. The grants helps with the installation of certain facilities designed to improve the quality of living for the disabled person. These can include door widening, hand rails, bathroom refurbishment and much more. There are certain criteria the person and their home must meet which are available from their local grant's directory.

In order to apply for construction grants of any type, the person(s) applying must be over the age of 18 and a legal resident of the United Kingdom. Housing action and urban development trusts are ineligible for a number of these grants, as are any official body such as the police or fire service. The applicants must also receive some kind of benefits, usually housing benefit or Disability Living Allowance. Organisations can apply for certain construction grants available under a different criteria.

Private companies, such as ConstructionLink, also provide certain construction grants, usually designed to cover the costs of apprenticeships and in-house training for various construction companies. How a business can apply for one of these grants is available from the ConstructionLink website. Competition for these grants can be fierce, so it is recommended you consider your application carefully to ensure it is correct before handing it in.

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