Consumers Demand Higher Security for Online Banking

Where would we be without online banking in the busy, time-poor lives of today's consumers? Online banking has now become an indispensable time saver, it's hard to imagine we ever put up with waiting in line, sometimes for an hour, to deal with our private or corporate banking needs.

'Considered by consumers' found from a poll of thousands of internet banking customers across the UK and US by Gartner analysts, that out of 18 features of the online service, the number one most important feature was security.

The generation gaps between users showed that younger customers wanted to be given more freedom to personalise their services online in regards to money management and saving. Older users however expressed their wish to simplify the system to be able to do their banking more efficiently.

The American Bankers Assocation (ABA) said that 25% of customers in the US under 55 use online banking as their preferred source to manage their finances. And that online banking is now more popular than going to a branch in person.

The top bank on the front of internet banking for both personal and corporate banking, as named in the Global Finance magazine publication, is HSBC bank.

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