Are you looking for a contents insurance comparison website?

Whether you have just moved into a rented house and want to be covered right away, or have bought a large purchase and now want to add contents cover to you home insurance, but you don't know where to start - take a look below to find out everything about how to do a contents insurance comparison.

Simply put, contents insurance pays for the damage, loss or theft of personal items within the home - some policies also cover certain items outside the home, such as cameras and laptops. Generally, contents insurance is sold alongside the home insurance, but it can be sold at a later date or as a stand alone policy for those who are renting. It is a good idea before you begin your contents insurance comparison quest, to be prepared with all the answers you might need in order for the insurance companies to decide on a quote. Questions might include things like the type and number of locks in your home, the length of time you have lived in the house, if you are part of a neighbourhood watch community as well as things like how many adults and children live in the house, your profession etc.

With moneysupermarket.com, not only is it an easy to use insurance contents comparison site, it also explains what each policy includes - and breaks this down into understandable English - so you know exactly what you are paying for. For example, a standard semi detached 3 bedroom house in the centre of Leeds, can secure a policy for as little as £94.40 - this works out at just over £9 a week, with Smart People Budget. This policy includes cover of up to £40,000, with an excess of £300, and has in the policy thing s like 'old for new' meaning items that are stolen or irreparable are replaced like for like and brand new.

So for quotes like this and more, take a look at moneysupermarket.com, the easy to use contents insurance comparison site.

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