Contract Car Hire for Personal Use

Contract car hire for personal use is a good alternative to individuals who want to subsitute a company car for cash and don't intend to use the car solely for business use. Payments are made monthly towards the car on contract and works in the same way as a car on finance but isn't intended to be a long-term solution. Contract car hire for personal use has some advantages over obtaining a company car, such as:

  • Deciding your own model rather than accepting the "image" the company wants you to portray.
  • Using the car for personal use rather than just business as would be expected with a business car.
  • Having full control over the ownership (i.e., not losing your mode of transport if your contract of employment changes).

Prices for contract car hire for personal use vary from provider and may include additional benefits. Normally, repair costs might not be included in personal contract hire but can be added in some cases. Prices for car contract hires in this instance do look more expensive than normal business contract hires but this is only because the VAT is included and shown on the price as the transaction is between an individual and contractor.


Here's a list of some of the company's that provide great rates on contract car hire for personal use. Some companies operate as brokers/comparison websites but are listed because their service is easy to use and authentic.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts (http://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/)

Lease Car Direct (http://www.leasecarsdirect.co.uk/)

Hawkriver Limited (http://www.hawkrivercarleasing.co.uk/)

Enterprise (http://www.enterprise.co.uk/)

Avis (http://www.avis.co.uk/)

Economy Leasing UK (http://www.economyleasinguk.co.uk/)

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