We examine Cookson Gold's price list

With a huge amount of experience in the precious metal trade, Cookson Gold Precious Metals Ltd. have established themselves as one of the primary internet resources for those in the jewellery trade for find and acquire top quality metals for a great price.

A large scale multi national company, Cookson Gold Precious Metals can now boast operations in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain and France, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of metals including silver, gold, wire, tubing, casting grains, sheets, bank coins (they are a supplier of coins to the United States Mint), and findings, which are defined as high quality gold or sterling silver jewellery components.

Their website, found at www.cooksongold.com, has more than ten years experience supplying jewellers, craftsmen, retailers, goldsmiths and artisans across the United Kingdom with all the raw materials they need in order to create beautiful, top quality jewellery and pieces.

They can do this thanks to their huge level of stock at any given time for the 10,000 plus items they carry in their inventory. Supplementing this huge array of precious metals is a massively experienced group of staff, totalling more than 13,500 employees in over 35 countries around the world.

If you're interested in purchasing from them, we've taken a look at the Cookson Gold price list which should give you a better idea of the value you can get from their services.

At the time of writing, gold could be purchased for £29.214 per gram, or £908.652 per ounce, silver was available for £898.388 per kilogram, or £27.943 per ounce, and palladium could be bought for £14.83 per gram, or £461.25 per ounce.

You can find the up to date prices at any time over at www.cooksongold.com/metalprices/

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