Coop Car Insurance Options

Car insurance for young people is notorious for being expensive. The Coop offers huge discounts if young drivers have a Smartbox fitted. This clever box is fitted to a car to monitor how well the car is being driven. It utilises GPS to send signals which allow the Coop to determine whether the driver is driving well - if the answer is yes, they will review the insurance premium and adjust it accordingly. Overall, the safer the driver, the cheaper the insurance.

To get a box fitted the driver must first take out a Young Drivers Insurance policy.  Once this is sorted, Cobra Systems - the manufacturers of the Smartbox - will have one of their professionals fit the box at a time suited to the customer.  The box takes very little time to be installed and is concealed out of sight.  It is also important to note that the Smartbox does not affect vehicle's performance at all.

Once fitted and ready to go the Smartbox sets to work. It registers the average speed of the vehicle on various kinds of road, braking habits and speed, the time most driving occurs and braking in relation to the speed of corner taking. These together help to establish the type of driver on the policy. Once the information is calibrated a score is determined and sent straight to a personal online dashboard. users can log onto this at any time to view scores and see where they need to improve.

To conclude, Coop car insurance offers a great solution to young drivers by rewarding good driving habits.

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