What is on offer from cooperative car insurance?

On the lookout for a Car Insurance company that doesn't just claim to offer real bargains, but actually delivers on their promises? Cooperative car insurance is beginning to build a serious name for itself around the UK thanks to some extremely generous offers, and in this blog, we are going to check out what they can do for you and your car, so lets take a look.

The Co-Op are a rare car insurance company that offer brilliant savings to young drivers, and they even claim that they can save 51% of young drivers up to £477 on their initial Car Insurance premium on their site at http://www.co-operativeinsurance.co.uk. How they can do this is simple, they offer a basic "Pay As You Go" style insurance model in which doing less miles is rewarded by a lower premium. They do this by installing a "Smartbox" in your car. So what's a Smartbox?

A Smartbox is a brilliant new invention in the field of telematics technology that keeps an eye on the amount of mileage you are doing, and adjusts your monthly premium accordingly. It is a tiny device, and you won't even notice it is in your car as it could fit in the palm of your hand. It tracks and records driving information like your average speed and how hard you brake to how fast you take corners and what time of the day you do your driving.

Conveniently, the measurements taken by the machine are then uploaded to a site which you have access to that will give you tips on improving your driving performance. It is also used to work out your next premium. So all you have to do is take it slow, and keep your mileage low, and you will save a bundle!


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