Everything you need to know about Cornish Mutual car insurance

If you require Cornish Mutual car insurance, you usually have to be a member to benefit from their car insurance policy. Cornish Mutual offer a range of farm related insurances which are tailored to suit the needs of every type of farmer. This includes insurance for your home, property, vehicles, machinery, livestock, produce and loss of earnings.

Cornish Mutual car insurance is offered to all members and their immediate families. They offer single vehicle insurance or if you have a fleet of cars you can insure more than six under a special fleet insurance that they have. Each insurance quote is based on the vehicle's individual features such as the make, model, age, value and the drivers.

Cornish Mutual has three levels of cover available to all of their customers depending on the level of cover you require.

  1. Fully Comprehensive - This is the premium level of cover available and protects you against fire, theft and accidental damage to any vehicles involved in an accident. You also get legal liability with a comprehensive policy.
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft - This includes the same risks as a fully comprehensive policy except that you are not covered in the case of accidental damage to your own vehicle.
  3. Third Party - This is strictly limited to any legal liability from driving the vehicle and does not protect against damage, fire or any kind of loss.

To get a quote from Cornish Mutual you need to call their member services team on 0845 017 5513. For more information, please visit cornishmutual.co.uk


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