Looking for a good quote? Get onto Cornmarket house insurance

Cornmarket offer specialist financial services to public sector employees, and have done so for almost forty years. Founded in 1972, the company enjoys a position as one of Ireland's biggest investment and insurance brokers.

They enjoy almost universal access to Ireland's public sector workforce, and employ 325 staff nationwide. Considering their trusted status among Public Sector employees, if you work for the government, and are looking for House insurance, then this is the company for you.

They offer some brilliant perks to public sector staff, including the following:

Canvass the market to find the best product - Their years spent servicing the public sector have allowed them to pick out the best products to meet customer's needs.

Negotiate Group Schemes - Their muscle allows them to negotiate cost-effective lower rates for members.

Expert Advice - Their experts have been there and done that, which allows them to impart years of experience to customers.

Avoid Hidden Fees - They use simple charging structures, so you can see where your money is going at all times.

Different unions have negotiated different packages for their members with Cornmarket, so it's worth visiting their website at Cornmarket.ie to see the various packages on offer depending on which union you are affiliated with.

As they're such a big company, Cornmarket offer a wide variety of other financial services to customers. You can take out Health Insurance, Car Insurance, have them look after your pension, and even salary protection. They are truly a jack of all trades for your financial needs!

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