Reducing the cost of electricity

2006 saw a dramatic rise in household energy prices, soaring by over 75%. Now more than ever it's important to keep an eye on energy prices and how much you spend each month, or you could end up with a nasty bill at the end of the year. Here's a few handy tips to help you reduce the cost of electricity.

How to save energy and reduce the cost of electricity

The most important step is to check your energy provider and compare. Even if you've been with your provider for years, you could be missing out on other great deals if you don't shop around. Changing providers can dramatically reduce the cost of electricity each year; you can approach providers directly or use price comparison sites, but for a price tailored to your circumstances it's always best to approach a company directly. Changing providers is free.

If your home is energy efficient you should be saving a significant amount on the cost of electricity; insulation is the key here. If you home is not properly insulated then government grants are available to do this for you without any cost to yourself. These grants were brought in to tackle the rise in energy costs and help the UK meet a carbon footprint target, so you should easily be able to find a grant to make your home efficient by asking your local authority.

Check energy consumption on appliances. There may be some appliances that use a lot more energy than you think; if so, is it possible to switch these appliances off when not in use to reduce the cost of electricity, or replace the appliance altogether?

Going green

If you want to reduce the cost of electricity even further, consider going 'green'. Think to yourself whether you need certain items that use up electricity, or be concious about leaving lights and appliances on when not in use. Although it's only a small step, this can quickly add up to savings worth hundreds of pounds across the years.

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