The Inland Revenue's elite High Worth team are cracking down on wealthy tax dodgers, making them pay back six times as much money as they were two years ago.

'The great majority of our very wealthy individuals aim to be, and are, tax compliant,' said a spokesman for HM Revenue & Customs. 'We won’t hesitate to take action against the small minority who bend or break the rules, to recover additional tax that should be due.'

The HMRC has been clamping down on tax avoidance schemes typically used by the rich. Last year the Government announced that it was looking to acquire details of the Swiss bank accounts of 6,600 Brits who they suspect of evading tax.

Exchequer Secretary David Gauke said that the HMRC is doing everything it can to ensure that the well off understand their own tax situation. He said: 'It is absolutely essential and only fair that everyone pays their share of tax. The tax affairs of the very rich are inevitably complicated but by working closely and co-operatively with accountants and tax agents HMRC’s High Net Worth team is ensuring that technical complexity does not stand in the way of accuracy so that the very rich pay the tax the law says they should.'

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