Creature comforts

'How rich is your pet?' sounds like a song Take That once sung. Actually it's not such a daft question, as a new study showed that pet owners leave £26 billion to their beloved animals, and sometimes don't tell anyone they've done so.

This week it emerged that fashion designer Alexander McQueen left £50,000 in his will for the benefit of his dogs.

The study, conducted by More Than Pet Insurance, revealed that 35 percent of pet owners will leave over £10,000 to their furry companions.

We know that the upkeep of a dog or in fact most domestic animals can be steep, with food, vet bills and the cost of shelter should you ever want to go on holiday. But it's not just money that these lucky, lucky animals are being left. A fifth of pet owners plan to leave their pet the family home, as well as personal affects such as photos, clothing, jewellery and even, most disturbingly, the owner's ashes.

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