Credit Card Spending Patterns Depend on Sunny Skies

Some interesting spending patterns have emerged from a short study undertaken by The Co-Operative Bank. The bank studied the credit card spending habits of its customers over two weekends in May and June. The findings showing that purchases depended on the weather.

If it was a sunny weekend with warm temperatures, customers were most likely to spend up on leisure activities and memberships with a rise of 29% as the English enjoy a round of golf or two. Home renovations were also on the agenda that weekend, with customers heading to DIY stores to buy supplies for doing some at-home fix-ups before the weather soured.

As not much of a surprise, customers headed indoors when it got rainy and cold outside, for a spot of shopping in department stores which made up for 21% of purchases. Other customers decided it would be a good time to book that holiday in the Caribbean as they spent up in travel agencies, accounting for 25% of spending.

APACS did a study themselves which compared the differences in credit card spending between gender and age. The age comparison showed that younger customers from the ages of 16-24 didn't actually spend that much on electrical goods as we might have thought, being the most technologically coerced, maybe Mum and Dad are still footing the bill for those purchases. Although women between the ages of 25-34, are as suspected the biggest spenders in the shoe department putting an average of £103 per year on the plastic.

Men are spending more eating out with an average of £146 spent a year. Obviously there's no way to determine how much women save per year on free dinners! But when it comes to saving on food it's because women visit the supermarket more often than men, with 147 supermarket visits a year as supposed to 114 visits for men.

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