How to spot real credit cards offers

Every popular high street bank, as well as financial institutions and specialist companies all have credit cards offers. The majority all have a selling point, designed to pull a person in and encourage them to apply for one of their cards. Balance transfers, interest free purchases, incentive points and gift items are all promised by a variety of companies. However, while these offers are genuine, they often mask a less than healthy interest rate when the offer ends.

The Virgin Money credit card offers 0% on balance transfers for 19-months. However, its major selling point is the discount you receive on Virgin holidays and media when you use your card for purchases. However, unless you enjoy regular holidays and have virgin media products, this will not be much of a deal to you. The 16.8% AER on your repayments is pretty much bog standard so unless your interested in the credit cards offers of discounts there are probably other cards more suitable for you. National Westminster Bank offer a similar deal to Virgin money except their discounts are through Thomas Cook. Again, unless you take regular holidays you may find a different credit card is more in line with what you need.

The Halifax plus credit cards offers a similar rate to Virgin Money at 16.9% APR. They also offer 0% on balance transfers for 17-months. Their major selling point on the card is advanced fraud protection when you are online shopping. While this protection is useful, and second to none compared to other cards, if you never use the internet to shop it is something you just won't need. When looking around at the different credit card offers, it is important you take in to consideration whether you will find the offers useful, this is especially important as some of these services may have a fee attached.

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