The Benefits of Joining Credit Unions

Credit unions are a type of cooperative in which members are also the managers of the institution. Loans and other financial services are derived from the pooled savings of the unions’ members. Requirements for membership vary and depend mostly on the union’s reason for being. When you become a member of a credit union, you get to enjoy lower rates and easier payment options, as well as many other financial advantages.

London Mutual Credit Union

At creditunion.co.uk, you get a chance to enjoy the best rates for savings and current accounts, loans, insurance packages and even junior accounts. One of their latest products includes a new financial package exclusively designed for members who have their own businesses.

Leeds City Credit Union

At leedscitycreditunion.co.uk, you can enjoy exceptional rates for different types of savings accounts as well as financial services especially designed to benefit local communities in Leeds City or a particular company or workplace. This union also offers members help with their budgeting needs. Lastly, they provide members an opportunity to give back through Friends of LCCU, the non-profit foundation that the union supports.

Do You Want to Know More?

Visit abcul.org, the online home of the Association of British Credit Unions Limited. This website provides information about how unions can help you or your business, as well as other important information about them. The council also offers different online courses for cooperatives. You can either try one of their free courses or an online demo. Courses available on the site include lessons about the role of cooperative directors, what cooperatives can do to ensure business continuity and how to fix common complaints against unions.

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