Money Troubles? Get a Crisis Loan for Rent Advance and Other Essentials

If you're unemployed and find yourself in an unexpected financial emergency -- meaning you wont be able to pay rent, afford food or other essentials -- contact your local job centre for assistance in getting a crisis loan, rent advance or travel expenses.

Through the job centre, individuals can obtain loans for a wide variety of needs, from cold weather assistance to crisis loans including rent advance.

Crisis Loan and Rent Advance Eligibility

There are three main eligibility criteria for applying for a crisis loan through your local job centre: Applicants must be over 16, in a short term financial crisis due to an emergency or disaster, and fear that their family may be harmed or face a safety risk without the loan.

Crisis Loans - What the Money Can Be Used For

You can use a crisis loan as a rent advance, to pay for hostel expenses if you are homeless or for travel costs if you are stranded. Crisis loans may also be used to pay for day to day expenses such as food or to pay the meter for your gas and electric.

If you are moving out of a residential accommodation with the help of Community Care, a crisis loan can provide a rent advance during the transitional period to a non-local authority landlord.

Terms and Conditions

The amount of crisis loan you can get varies, depending on your individual circumstances, needs, any savings you have and if you have any outstanding loans through the program.

You will be required to repay the money, but interest is not charged on these types of loans.

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