Crisis loan for rent in advance

A crisis loan is an interest free loan provided by Directgov and the Jobcentre. You don't need to be on benefits to receive a crisis loan but you need to meet certain criteria. Some some circumstances, a crisis loan for rent in advance can be obtained.

To be eligible for a loan you must:

  • Be over 16 years of age.
  • Not have enough money to meet your immediate financial needs, or the immediate needs of your family.
  • Have some kind of risk to you or your family without the loan.


To obtain the loan you must need it to cover purposes such as:

  • Using the loan only to meet daily living expenses, rent advance, board/lodging charges, hostel charges, pre-paid meter fuel or travel expenses if you're stranded away from home.
  • Having been the victim of a flood or natural disaster and need finance to replace essential items or cover costs.
  • Having been awarded a community care grant and being forced to move out of a residential accommodation and don't have enough money to meet immediate rent payments to non-local authority landlord.


The amount you receive will depend on your individual circumstances and your financial situation, such as when you will next have an income from elsewhere, what savings you have and what other financial options are available to you.

A crisis loan for rent in advance, however, are not considered priority cases compared to other loan applications. Unless you can prove that your family is in need and the consequences for not paying rent advances could be severe, you might not receive the loan. In some cases the crisis loan will not cover the full cost of what you need, so it's important not to rely solely on a crisis loan as a financial solution.

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